What’s The Point Of Being Alive…

“What’s the point in being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”

-John Green


Ok.  I am back to blogging.  It’s been awhile.

I’ve been working on my website I Lied On Friday (ILOFriday.com).  Version 1 is complete and I’m now working on roping in some venture capitalists. My site is all about authentic expression while hiding your identity or it’s about clearing your conscience.  Visit and join.

So, I came across the quote above  …

“What’s the point in being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”.

This has always been my creed (but in different words).  By seeing it again online, it served as a reminder and as confirmation.  I was more inspired than ever before.  Why? I don’t know.  Who cares? I didn’t even question it.   I used the electricity that I felt and took myself to another level mentally, emotionally, and possibly spiritually.

I thought about the things I’ve accomplished and if I gave it my all.  I thought about the time I spend daily and if I was using it wisely.   Was I prioritizing or filling the unforgiving moment?

It’s flattering, but some people that know me pretty well feel as if I am ambitious and that’s cool for my ego (I love to hear it).  I acknowledge that I take action, but do I take massive action?

After reading that quote, I decided (once again) that I will press even harder to live the life I deserve.  I will claim my dreams and desires.  I will face whatever it is that I am afraid of doing (public speaking)…lol.

But seriously,  once we begin to face our most terrifying fears, we kind of discover that they were smaller than we thought.  We discover that we made them much larger in our heads than they actually were.  Fear didn’t even exist.  We somehow created this “thing” in our minds.

By breaking through our fear, the vision of our greatness become more clear.  Face your fear and discover yourself.

Moreover…how does one become remarkable (you might be asking yourself and beating yourself up -chill out!)?  Being remarkable doesn’t necessarily mean having all of the money in the world (that’s me-that’s what I want).   Being remarkable doesn’t necessarily mean writing a book, being famous, or wearing the finest and newest threads.

Being remarkable could be the mother raising her child in the best way possible or the teacher sharing wisdom to prevent a student’s pitfall.  It’s  becoming a better person on a daily basis.  It’s leaving  something behind that has a positive impact, after we’ve passed away.  It’s being remembered for something great.  Be great to your peers, your siblings, your children, your mate, and your world.  This is Remarkable!








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