The Mental Diet


As human beings, we yearn for love, acceptance, pleasure, contribution, and recognition (outside of sustenance and shelter). So, with that being said, we can take it a step further and say that we are all the same (for the most part). Right? 

As rational beings, we make decisions then actions, based on our thought processes. Some thoughts are progressive and some thoughts are digressive. Thoughts acted upon may land us in prison and other thoughts give shape to the caliber of life most of us can only dream of.  



Our physical manifestation (our body) is controlled by our thinking-subconsciously and consciously.  We consciously think of getting a cheeseburger with extra whatever and a side of whatever.  We take action to purchase it, then we devour it. 



We subconsciously drive to a familiar location while talking to our front seat passenger. We’re more than likely texting…

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