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My name is Maximus. I created the new anonymous social media site where you can share your secrets, confessions, and embarrassing moments

My goal was to create a place where people could go online and be "real" or get advice for those situations they didn't feel comfortable sharing with people they actually knew. is an outlet for feeling good!

Freedom and peace of mind are the 2 most popular reasons why users find I Lied On Friday both addictive and sexy !

Our vision for I Lied On was to create the unthinkable! We extended the threads of our creative fibers to develop a platform that visionaries would overlook. Even if the idea ran across someone's mind, they would say something like: "this wouldn't work" or "Internet users wouldn't visit a site like this".

Our intentions were to amplify the simplest idea and make it larger than life! We took the passive yet aggressive approach with our website's design. Easy to use, easy to navigate, and straight to the point!

The ILO Friday Camp felt as if there was a void in cyberspace that needed to be filled. An outlet that need to be birthed. Cyberspace needed a platform that encouraged authentic expression. How is this possible? And how can this be done? We observed that many other popular websites allowed the user to upload their identity; so to speak, by sharing of pictures, real names, geographical locations and so forth, but it was an extremely rare occasion when someone was bold enough to share genuine material. What does this mean?

Maybe 15-20% of web users share real life situations. They don't share their true feelings. Even though their faces are shown and their true identities revealed, they covered the truth. They hide reality. A false atmosphere is formed. It seems that most users would rather not go online to connect with their peers when going through challenging times. Why? Was it fear? And if yes, fear of what?

The solution...

Hide your face (If you want), protect your identity, and share the truth - share your truth! Tell all! Share all! Open our eyes! Wake us up! What's really happening in your life? Be bold! What's going on in your neighborhood? At work? At School?! Clear your conscience here! Forgive someone! Forgive yourself! Laugh! Cry! Do it here! Vent! Share good news! Teach us! Let us learn from your mistakes! Nobody has to know if you’re the celebrity on television or the man that lives down the way.

I lied On was developed for people all over the world to vent about whatever they wanted to free of reproach and fear. Find support and solutions for common problems on ILO Friday. Be spontaneous and adventurous and participate in this ground breaking experience that countless people have called self-expression and empowerment on steroids!