I Lied On Friday : Why do people tell lies ?


I think we tell lies out of fear.  We fear how our truth will affect the person we’re lying to.  In most cases, we don’t want the image that people have of us to change.  We don’t want our significant others to know we betrayed them.  We lie because we want things to remain  “normal”.  And let’s not forget, we don’t want the person we are hiding secrets from  (or lying to) to get a free pass to do the same thing we did to them-to us.

I haven’t written any new material for quite some time due to a heavy work load.  I will begin to share my experiences again with you in the near future (I have some great life-changing things to share).   I will also allow and invite guest bloggers to share quality material to you (in March 2014).  I encourage everyone to visit the new kid on the block www.ILiedOnFriday.com and become members.

This is one of the most unique and mind-blowing websites that exists in cyber space; it’s simple and potentially therapeutic.  A platform that allows the user to (anonymously) clear his/her conscience by sharing regrets, secrets, or guilty pleasures, etc.

Hide your face (If you want), protect your identity, and share the truth – share your truth! Tell all! Share all! Open our eyes! Wake us up! What’s really happening in your life? Be bold! What’s going on in your neighborhood? At work? At School?! Clear your conscience here! Forgive someone! Forgive yourself! Laugh! Cry! Do it here! Vent! Share good news! Teach us! Let us learn from your mistakes! Nobody has to know if you’re the celebrity on television or the man that lives down the way.

I lied On Friday.com was developed for people all over the world to vent about whatever they wanted to free of reproach and fear.  Find support and solutions for common problems on ILO Friday. Be spontaneous and adventurous and participate in this ground breaking experience that countless people have called self-expression and empowerment on steroids!

“The actions we choose to take in every moment of our lives sum up to successes or failures… just as the amount of calories we consume will convert to weight loss or weight gained.”

Maximus Caesar


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