Break The Barriers of Your Comfort Zone


Let’s dig right in. These are questions you might be asking yourself… “why should I leave my comfort zone?” or “how do I break away from my comfort zone and expand my horizons”?  These are very important questions because they actually have the potential to unleash unimaginable and enormous potential that we each possess (yes including you).

Just think for a moment about your favorite celebrity or your idol (well, if you have one). If you can’t think of one, I ‘m gonna give you one. Let’s use someone most people have heard of…how about …Oprah.  I greatly admire Oprah.  So, let’s use her…I respect her for countless reasons and I aspire to accomplish at least a fraction of what she’s done. Oprah has been a philanthropist for many years by assisting hundreds of thousands of people (or even more) and she also (whether you know it or not) saves…

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