How Do I Find My Passion? What’s My Purpose?


These questions have plagued me for a large portion of my life.  As far back as I can remember, I’ve been searching for my purpose, my passion, and how to be great enough to make a positive impact with my life on a huge number of people (that’s just me).

The answers were simpler than I thought (in my opinion, of course).   The answers were lingering right there behind every sacred beat my heart dared to pump.   There isn’t one set purpose for anyone.  We fulfill many purposes day in and day out or month after month and year after year.  We are all great (in our own way)!  It isn’t the magnitude of what we accomplish, but the way in which we execute our plan.  This earns our keep in maintaining the grandeur title “great”.

We may have made a certain someone smile or we may have…

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