The Mental Diet

As human beings, we yearn for love, acceptance, pleasure, contribution, and recognition (outside of sustenance and shelter). So, with that being said, we can take it a step further and say that we are all the same (for the most part). Right? 

As rational beings, we make decisions then actions, based on our thought processes. Some thoughts are progressive and some thoughts are digressive. Thoughts acted upon may land us in prison and other thoughts give shape to the caliber of life most of us can only dream of.  



Our physical manifestation (our body) is controlled by our thinking-subconsciously and consciously.  We consciously think of getting a cheeseburger with extra whatever and a side of whatever.  We take action to purchase it, then we devour it. 



We subconsciously drive to a familiar location while talking to our front seat passenger. We’re more than likely texting, possibly checking emails, and eating that cheeseburger. We arrive at our premeditated destination without even thinking about the route we took. 

This is how the subconscious mind works. It carries out tasks and so forth while we’re doing other things.  Ok, so you may say “I know all this already”. That’s fine- keep reading.    


If we fail to feed our mind properly (garbage in, garbage out), it goes into auto-pilot and begins feeding itself.  Your mind will find whatever it can (usually useless info that won’t help you). 

Have you ever found yourself singing a song (maybe in your head) from childhood that had nothing to do with what you were doing at the time?   Where did that come from? You might ask yourself…but that’s how it works. 

On another note, if you consciously decide to fill your mind with information that you need in order to get to the next level, your mind will take that data and pull resources from everywhere to enhance your donation. 

Let’s go deeper….

We have thoughts of just about everything.   I’ve noticed that we tend to think that we are our thoughts (but that’s not the case at all).  For example,  I know a guy named John. John thinks of all sorts of inventions, but talks himself out of taking action.  He even thinks of ways that will prevent his work from succeeding. 

John thinks he is his thoughts, but in actuality john is whoever he wants to be and his thoughts are just passing through. Our thoughts are like a radio station playing songs. We are not the songs that play on the radio. We may identify with a song or use a song to our benefit (for motivation), but that’s as far as it goes.  We can have negative thoughts but they do not define us. 

Our most recent actions usually define who we are and what we’re about.  We can substitute negative thoughts with positive ones, but again we don’t need to identify with every thought that we receive.

We only need to take actions that define who we are and who we are becoming.  Delivering the proper ammunition to our conscious mind leaves our subconscious mind with something to work with. Eventually your digressive thoughts will become easier to manage.

This is how people that become larger than life rise above their circumstances and do not allow any predicament to consume them.  Nurture your mind and it will return the favor. 


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