Why I Think You’re Selfish !

The definition…

Selfishness is placing concern with oneself or one’s own interests above the well-being or interests of others. Selfishness is the opposite of altruism or selflessness.

Where is Max Ezra going with this one (you might be asking yourself)? Ok, let me explain….

When we have ideas, inventions, aspirations, and innovation to bring into this world and we do not act on it, that’s pure selfishness!  If we have circumstances (which are illusions) that may provide a minor setback and we procrastinate until the time is right, this is still selfishness.  We all know the perfect time will never EVER EVER EVER show up!

Believe it or not… people in the world need what you have to offer.  Generations to come need our ingenuity.   The World needs people who fill their space fully, without self-imposed boundaries (that we use to limit ourselves).  By daring to express who we truly are, we evolve and we leave legacies behind!

Taking your dreams and aspirations with you to the grave is selfish.   When our dreams die with us, that’s it!   It’s a wrap!  They are gone for eternity.  There isn’t anyone out there that can make them happen except you!  You and I have this unique brain with creative thoughts for a reason… it’s your duty to bring these dreams to fruition (no matter how big or how small).  Right now (yes, in the present moment) you  and I know all the right people we need to know, we have all the tools or skills needed to take our lives to the next level.


Oh and all the experiences that you’ve had up until this point make you more than perfect for the part.  What we experience in life mold us for the big bouts we may choose to take on.  Why did you stumble upon my blog?  Did you find this post at the perfect time?   Believe me when I tell you, you are more than ready- NOW!  Believe me when I tell you… the perfect situations will strike as you make purified steps of faith without knowing the how.  Make moves without being able to see the ground.  Take action when you think you aren’t ready and when the resources you need are nowhere in sight.  This is the epitome of faith.  This is the act of selflessness; the opposite of selfishness.  Who’s with me?  Who out there in cyber space demands GREATNESS ?


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6 replies

  1. Wow Maximus I love the new layout.

  2. This was really great and at the perfect time. I have been talking to my friend about this exactly for the last few months. Both of us making changes in life and beginning to do what we are passionate about. It really is about stepping out on faith and trusting that if God has given you the gift you will be secussful. Sitting at a job where you’re unhappy, then taking those steps towards your goal help confirm that where you are is just for a moment until you get to your true goal, purpose.

    • Thank you for sharing…everyone that I know who “lives on purpose” use their current intolerable situations to motivate their passion. Your present situation is an illusion that’s also a blessing is disguise. Use everything around you and use all challenges making them into opportunities…I wish you the best on your journey! You will make it! I’m sure!

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