Do You Know About The 80/20 Rule ?

The 80/20 Principle (in simple terms) states that 80 percent of what you and I experience in our lives are directly related to the activities we carry out 20 percent of the time.  The 80/20 rule is a proven fact (by the way).

Let’s go deeper…

Where did it come from?

The 80/20 was suggested by a dude named Joseph M. Juran and it was named after an Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto.  He noticed that 80% of income in Italy was received by 20% of the Italian population.

How does this impact you and I ?

Good Question.  Well, we can see this principle in action all over the place  (if we look closely).   From our passions to our relationships to our business endeavors… the 80/20 rule is ubiquitous.

In our relationships, 20 percent of what’s carried out by your significant other will be 80 percent of what we remember.  On the flip side, 20 percent of what we do that our partners dislike will cause 80 percent of our disagreements and heated debates.  Moreover, 20 percent of what we lack will cause an unfaithful mate to cheat.   The cheating mate is actually leaving the 80% (the wife or …husband) in search of the 20% (the fling).

When it comes to your passion, your workplace, your business, and so on… 20 percent of what you do daily will determine 80 percent of your reflection, lifestyle, and circumstances.  20 percent of your time is usually spent on quality work or on steps that need to be taken in order to make all the difference.

20 percent of the time we spend working on becoming multi-thousandnaires, millionaires, and billionaires  (usually the time before or after work) creates the magic that dreams are made from.   20 percent of the time spent building your business is what allows your business to grow.  20 percent of your time spent at work contributes to 80 percent of your results (leading to a promotion, raise, and so  on).

To maximize on the 80/20 rule, we should focus what works for us (our passions or what we’re good at doing).  Taking actions that count and filling the unforgiving moment, destroys procrastination and delivers our objectives at a faster pace.


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  1. Thanks for Sharing…I glad I found this site…

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