How To Use Challenge And Disappointment To Your Benefit?


When you try this strategy, put it into practice, and it becomes a habit, two things will occur. Number one, you will not lose your temper or get as frustrated as easily as you used to when life changed lanes without your permission. Number 2, you will be able to have the world and everything in it, if you dare.

“Every adversity or failure carries with it a seed of an equivalent or greater benefit. ”

-Dennis Kimbro

What does that mean?  Whenever we supposedly fail at a given task, there is moral to the story. When we hit a wall, all we have to do is examine that wall and search until we find what we want inside.  We can pull wisdom and forced opportunity from the wall blocking our path. This is how the world we live in operates, beneath the surface (beneath the superficial bull shit). That’s how it’s done!  Who said it would be easy? And, why should it be easy?


This how the universe tests us and asks us “how bad do you want it?”.  If a mere set back can change our course, then we don’t have the strength and fortitude needed to move that mountain. If a series of challenges can make us give up on our dreams, then we don’t have what it takes to make it our dreams come true.  In this case, we will need to regroup and come back when we have the faith, persistence, and brute force to tear down the obstacle that’s in our path. Obstacles are opportunities. Yes, set backs are set ups for our progression!  We have to train our minds to see life this way!  We have to become what we’ve never been. We have to become whoever we need to be in order to capture the reason for our motivation.

“Use all the forces.”



To become all powerful, to be larger than life, we must see with our “Mind”s Eye”.   We have to be able to look at disaster and squeeze opportunity from the rubble.  This isn’t a simple thing to do, but it has tremendous power.

Here are some examples (one simple and one complex)…

1) You’re driving and your destination is Starbucks.  Usually it takes you 20 minutes from your starting point to get there, but today, due to construction, you have to take the scenic route and this will cause your travel time to double.  Your normal response might be to fuss and carry on about the lost time, but now with your new mindset, you will search for the meaning of this detour and delay.  Maybe you are supposed to pray or meditate with that extra time.  Or you can possibly call someone that you’ve been meaning to call.  Maybe you will stop off and take care of an errand that is on route -prior to Starbucks.  But, in any event, you will use the forces.

2) Your washing machine breaks down and your home floods. You end up in the local laundry mat angry and pissed the  *@#!  off.  While at the Laundry, you ponder on why this is happening to you and how you can use this challenge… you bump into a long lost friend that you may be able to utilize to further your career or vice versa (maybe you can help them).  Be sure to use life’s curve balls to benefit your aspirations (large or small)-ALL THE TIME!

I challenge  all of YOU to think of a situation that cannot be used to your benefit ( or a challenge that you feel does not have a silver lining and cannot be used to assist someone) and throw it in my comment box.  This can even be an experience of someone you know  (or heard about).  I will reveal how it it can be used, and I promise to respond within 24 hours….


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