The Pursuit Of Happiness: Where Are You On A Scale From 1-10 ?


In the end, we’re all looking for happiness (or pleasure)!  Some of us don’t know what happiness is and think we do.  Others don’t feel as if they deserve happiness, and will sabotage any form of happiness (if they see it coming their way). They will deny the fact that they’ve rejected happiness and most will truly believe this illusion. 


What is happiness?  Happiness can be many things and can be described in many ways.  I can only give you my definition (found in the dictionary-lol).  There’s happiness and there’s joy.  My ultimate goal is joy.   Joy and happiness are the same, but a long-term feeling of happy becomes joy.   Joy is a deep and long lasting feeling of contentment.

Let’s take a quick look at the definition of happiness…


  1. Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.
  2. Having a sense of confidence in or satisfaction with (a person, arrangement, or situation).

Reading the definition above can be frightening because if your life or your situation doesn’t slightly resemble what you just read…then chances are…you are not happy.   Maybe.  Well, this is an easy fix.   There are actually people that exist in this world who are able to maintain happiness for long periods of time.  Not only that…they live amongst the worst circumstances and Individuals that one could possibly think of.  They still remain genuinely happy. 

“It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about. ” 

-Dale Carnegie

Happiness comes from within.  The more we hunt outside of ourselves for this rare emotion, the sadder we’ll become.  To maintain a healthy balance, I choose to think about the features that I’m grateful about in my life and how I can amplify them.  Then I take massive action to execute my plans.  Happiness is attainable- do not think otherwise.  

       I try to only think of how I want things to unfold in my life as opposed to the chronic negative pattern of pondering how and why things won’t work in my favor (or a given situation).  We sometimes find negative proof (unbelievable) on why an action cannot be taken and so.  This is dangerous thinking.  Fruitless thinking.  That species of thought will only do harm to the aspirations of you and I attaining joy and happiness!




Side Bar: If you’re environment is way too toxic for you to at least center yourself and correct your current way of thinking, maybe you wanna consider another location to regroup.  Taking breaks in intervals away from your distracting and draining environment to find some sort of peace, can be very effective as well.

95% of people that claim to have joy and happiness in their lives say that it is spawned from “giving back” or “sharing” or giving charity and donating to worthy cause (of your choice).  The other 5% doesn’t matter  (don’t think about it).  And, by the way, I am consistently at an 8 or 9 on a scale from 1-10  ( “1” on the scale representing sadness and “10” for extremely happy).



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