Adding VALUE

In Webster’s dictionary (at least in the one I found online), the definition of value is a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged.

This leads directly to my point.  See list below… (yes, I make lists now-that’s my new thing-lol). 

1) Family and Relationship
2) Business and Vocation
3) Education and Schooling
4) Health and Fitness
5) Religion and Spirituality
6) Sports and Recreation  
7) Personal Development

Every possible area in life that you and I can think of will basically fall under one of the categories above, right?  Right. Ok, moving along. When we add value to any area of our lives, it blossoms and evolves into something greater. 


A successful person does every single thing the right way for weeks, months, years, and decades -in some cases.  Successful men and women understand that when they complete a task the wrong way, they’re the ones held responsible. They’re the ones that have to make the necessary changes the next time around.  It’s overstood that this wastes time and energy (and our time is very limited).   

Adding value means (here comes the list again-ha) …

1) When starting a business try to focus on “adding value” !  Create a product or service that will make someone’s life easier or more convenient. Form an alliance with an organization that maybe doing this already (we don’t have to re-create the wheel). The money will begin to flow steadily. 

2) In a relationship, make the other person’s life easier not more difficult.  If your partner is sane, then your actions will certainly be reciprocated. If not, move on and find a healthier space that will embrace your efforts and in turn mirror the value given. 

3) Strengthen your spirituality by having an attitude of gratitude for what you have. For example, the gift of life (you woke up today-many people did not).  Life can be full of adventure and infinite possibilities (only if you decide to look at it that way).   

4) Adding value, when it comes to all other areas like  education, recreation, health, fitness, and personal development takes laser sharp focus. Learn to be present by experiencing every moment belonging to you with high definition ( and 3D). Engage all of your being and put in the necessary work and dedication. When we cut corners, life brings us back to correct our steps. Let’s not cheat ourselves or lose time by taking short cuts. 

Add value to all areas of your life by always asking yourself these simple questions “am I doing my very best? or what can I do to improve? and how can I add value in this situation?


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  1. I’m originally from Dublin but now live in Edinburgh …there isnt anything like this in my region iof cyber sapce…thanks…lol

  2. I’ve got a part-time job

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