Don’t Deprive Yourself: 4 Points On Getting A Business Started Now

I, now, have quite a few people who follow my blog.  My visitors don’t always reply to my posts or click on the RSS feed to become an official follower (some readers might not know how to do it-lol-and that’s ok!), but, in any event,  I’m grateful that you visit blog.   My hope for Vent You is to change at least 1 life  (in a positive way) every time I post and/or every time someone comments (at least when discussing a serious topic and one that hits home).

When I observe my stats (or analytics) on the back-end of this site, I notice that people are reading my blog.  This gives me a feeling of joy… this says to me that I’m reaching people all over the world.  This says to me that this blog is a success.  This says to me that I am making a difference (especially because of the volume of private messages I receive from time to time).  In this post, I will open up a bit more so you may get to know me a little better (I will try, but I don’t like to talk about myself, but that’s what blogging is about). So let’s do it.

In late 2006, I became a millionaire (I kid you not-I barely knew it).  It kinda just happened… I was  about 27 or 28 years old at the time.  Don’t get it twisted, my goal was to be a millionaire before I was 30, and I knew I was on target within the next year or so, but I didn’t expect it that soon.  I wasn’t upset either-lol.  Being rich feels like nothing special-it just is what it is (being wealthy is another story-I’m sure)-for those of you who haven’t made a million dollars YET and wanted to know how it feels.  One of my close friends asked me this question the other day “What did it feel like to make a million dollars?” and that was my response.  He gave me the idea to write this post (and he didn’t even know it).  I’m sharing this to show you my depth.  I’m not just blogging to blog-lol.  Maybe someone can learn from my mistakes.  This is what life is about, right?  Right.

When you have money, other challenges come into play that teach us how to maintain balance.  Money can hold a lot of weight because we tend to put it up on a pedestal.  So when everything else is going wrong, we usually blame money.  If I had more money this wouldn’t happen…or who owes me money… or  who can I borrow money from (to make my life easier for the moment)…lol.

In reality (beneath all the bullshit), the feeling of joy trumps money in any case, but that’s another story.  Will I ever grasp that virtue?   I’m not sure (I love having money- a lot of it- and money  brings a brief feeling of happiness).  Joy, on the other hand, is long-term happiness and it can be morphed from helping others in need and living our lives in a state of gratitude (being grateful for all the good in your life and being grateful for all the bad things happening in your life and knowing things could be worse).

Back to my story…about 2 years after making a little over a million bucks, a series of sour real estate investments took the best of me, the mortgage bank  that I was  contractor for went out of business, the corporation I built from the ground with over 30 employees went under, and my checking account was saying – $3,738.00 (that’s a negative sign-lol).  Talk about exciting times….  My bank account must have went below zero more than 5 times after  that, but I’m a survivor, a warrior, a titan, right?  Yes, I am.  Now, I have a stronger foundation and a solid support system with wisdom to go with it.

From my trials and tribulations, I grew faster than the speed of light and built potent character.  So I came up with 4 very simple points, to get things rolling if you’re having cold feet about getting your business started.  I have followed these steps as well.  The  time we spend outside of our 9-5 is very important.  These are the hours that make or break us.  These are the hours that define us. These are hours that dreams are made from!  Don’t deprive yourself of a life that you should have and a life that you are supposed to live.

Here are 4 very simple steps…

1) Do not procrastinate-begin now! You can start your own business without a business name, without business cards, and without an idea that’s like the next Facebook.   The groundbreaking business idea can come later.  Get your first client then build around that situation.    I lost over 200k by starting the company first (with the office space, furniture, phones, computers, etc.).  It doesn’t have to be done that way.

2) Test your business idea by spending $50-100 dollars on 100-300 postcards  or fliers and send them out to other businesses or households (whoever can use your product and services then see who bites). This can save you a lot of money and heartache.   Craigslist ads (free of cost) can be a great business tester.  I’ve tested at least 25 businesses on Craigslist before building a corporation around it.  I placed attractive ads under various categories, sates, and cities countless times to observe performance.

3) We’re living in a technologically inclined era (and it’s only gonna get worse…lol) so try to think of businesses that will allow you to use the internet as an ally.  You want to streamline as many responsibilities as possible so your business doesn’t own you.  You can outsource a ton of different services (your income will increase and  you will be able to spend more time with your significant others-in the long run-of course).


4) Be patient and be present.  Put your all in every step that you take, but be patient in your expectancy to get results (or you’ll become anxious and will give birth to doubt).  Doubt will kill your efforts before you even start because you will remove your heart from your creation and self sabotage. 


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