Fear And Procrastination


One of the signals we give off when we’re afraid to take action is procrastination.   Of course there is the sweaty palm, trembling leg, racing heart, etc. but a fear that’s in disguise as something else is hard to recognize and more important to discuss.  Why?  Because the warning signs aren’t easy to decipher.  There’s a possibility you may never discover your hidden fear.  

In most cases, we know we’re afraid of something when our palms get sweaty and so on.  Hidden fears can be deadly…deadly to our aspirations.   We can go through our entire life being terrified of taking an action due to our fears, but we’ll blame it on something else (everything else but fear).  

Procrastination can disguise itself in many forms.  Fear can spawn procrastination and  the offspring of procrastination is “an excuse”, a cop out, or even blame.  Have you ever found yourself doing something you wouldn’t normally do at a particular point in time?    


So you start plucking fuzz off of your your socks right before doing something you really don’t wanna do (for whatever reason).  Then when all the fuzz is gone, you begin looking for something else to handle- which you know (damn well) you can do at another time.

Some fears are more important than others because they can alter our lives.   A fear of heights may not be that serious (if you stay away from rooftop parties), but a fear of success might harm you if you want to become a successful individual.  Get it?   


If you have a fear deeply embedded within yourself, to the point that, you don’t know it exists, then you can certainly say with confidence that you are your own worse enemy.  What do I mean by that?  You will sabotage every venture or progressive action.  Self sabotage.


1) You have to get to the point where you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  You must be fed up with your current circumstances or you won’t take fear into battle and win.

2) You have to love yourself enough to want to design an environment that you would cherish and enjoy daily. 

3) You have to step out of your own way.  Lose yourself in the moment.  

4) Take small steps daily toward conquering your “hidden fear”.  Spend 1-5 minutes in battle with your fear and observe how much progress you make over time.

Men and women have been conquering fears since the beginning of time.  Some did it to eat ( by hunting and then ultimately killing their dinner).  Warrior-like humans will continue to face their fears… whether we begin to join them or not (that’s another story).


Choose short term pain and long term pleasure.  Never pick short term pleasure and long term pain.



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