How Do I Control My Thoughts And Free My Mind?

This post might contain some of the most important bits of information you will ever come across in cyber space (At least, I hope so-LOL).  Why? Because it’s useful and it’s life altering.  Below you will find pertinent information that anyone can utilize from all walks of life.  I will reveal (at no cost to you-lol); a strategy that will certainly enhance your life (regardless of what your aspirations may be). This is a strategy I’ve used to maneuver through life to hit my goals (large and small)- time and time again. 

Our thoughts are what make us human. Or our ability to think.  Would you agree (you should be saying “Yes”)?  The ability to rationalize is what separates us from animals and other life forms. You might argue and say “well… some humans are not capable of rationalizing” or “some people act like animals”.  And, I get that.  But, let’s focus on the masses; the majority of humanity.

Our thoughts, for the most part, come from either deep down inside our bodies (inner space, like our DNA) or millions and millions of miles away from our bodies (outer space).  We really don’t know where they come. Scientists don’t know either (but, they have their theories).  In any event, thoughts just keep coming and coming and coming, right?  Right.  This can be scary to some us, but it just is what it is- a part of life so do not fear them or fight them.   Use them.  Our thoughts can be used to our benefit-as a tool.

What we do know is that we can (purposely) implant thoughts in our own minds (reminds me of the movie “Inception”-one of my favorites), people or events influence our thoughts, and memories from the past get stored as thoughts.  Those “other” thoughts which may prompt us to say “where did that come from?” are those thoughts that come from an unknown source.  Specifically, I want to focus on the negatively charged thoughts; the kind that may cripple us (prevent us from taking action), stunt our growth, or cause us to self-destruct.

I will share my personal experience to heighten my point (just a little-lol).  In my early 20s, I had to decipher what a thought really was in order to make progress in my life.  I am what people may call “pensive”; I’m a thinker.  Some of my thoughts are good, but the majority of them are not so good.  These are the ones (the not so good ones) that put me directly in the way of what I want to accomplish. I then become my own enemy fighting against myself.  This is no good. I’m talking about the thoughts like “what if I fail and what will people think?” or “I’m too young/old” or “I’m not smart enough”  or “I don’t have enough money” or ” I don’t have enough time” or “how will my significant other or children respond” or “will I get enough rest” and so on (you know what I’m talking about).  This type of thinking is called the “the chattering monkeys” in certain buddhist denominations (don’t quote me-lol).  I made unbelievable strides in my personal and business affairs when I took time to understand this simple principle. Once I stopped practicing these strategies, I fell into a deep depression, a slump, a hole of relentless dismay.  



Ok, here we go…I’m gonna get a little deep here. You’re reading this blog up until this point because you can handle it-lol.  A thought, from a scientific standpoint, is energy. Thoughts are a constant flow of energy streamlined into our minds from our minds. We receive all types of thoughts, but the thoughts we need to watch out for are the negative ones.  We have to observe each thought that passes through our mind. Some we take off the assembly line and others we leave. Where we fall short or run into problems is at the point where we take all the thoughts that come our way. This is when a problem occurs. Paying attention to a thought that has nothing to do with who we are becoming and what we are achieving is dangerous.

Can you really control your mind? The answer is “yes” and “no” because you can really amplify the good thoughts that come your way and you can inject countless other progressive thoughts to compliment your mood of excitement or happiness.  Also, stay clear of negative thinking people and naysayers.   These are the people that don’t understand that life is our catalog where we can pick and choose the reality we want to experience.   They think their lives are the way it is forever and cannot be changed (we know otherwise).



Can you free your mind? The answer is no, but you can separate yourself from your mind.  This is a very easy thing to do, but being consistent at it daily is the challenge. Have you ever wondered how you can play mind tricks on yourself for a desired result and you win?  You were successful at fooling yourself.  This means we are not are minds.  

Put the thoughts you want on your shopping cart.  Patiently observe all the thoughts that come passing through your head.  Then say ” I want this thought  and that thought”, no,  I’m returning this thought-it does match my shirt” , and so forth.  Get the picture?

Now the law of attraction comes into play. It exists just like the law of gravity.  You can’t see it, but it’s there.  You begin vibrating at the same level of who you want and what you want.

My life completely changed when I practiced “thought shopping”, I attracted stronger and more constructive thoughts,  like minded people, and the finer things in life, but I am still a work in progress.  


An important point to remember is that roughly 75 percent of what we think are thoughts are actually conversations we’re having with ourselves (these are injected thoughts).  These are thoughts given birth outside of the mind, but inside of you.   Should I do this and should I do that (this type of thing).  Train the internal dialogue you have with yourself and that’s more than half the battle. Say empowering things like “I can do that” or ask constructive questions like” how would I go about doing that?” or ” what can I do to be able to afford that?”. This will trigger healthy thought patterns and put you more in control. The more you observe your innate (negative) thoughts and implant your own constructive thoughts, the more your life will begin to unfold the way you want. 

The more attention you pay to the chattering monkeys and disempowering thoughts, the more control you give to your mind and chance.  When you begin overseeing your thoughts and analyzing your mind, it slows down the overwhelming flow of thoughts that you don’t want. 

To meet goals, we have to be naïve. We must forget what we’ve learned in the past ( if it’s not helping). Don’t look at where we are, where we we were, or what we’re going to accomplish. We should give most of our attention to what we are doing now-in the present.

Say to yourself without any distractions from doubt “I can do it.” I will do it.  People before me and after me in worst conditions than my own will accomplish great things with their lives, why can’t I?   I Have what it takes.   I am unstoppable because I see through all of life’s illusions.   Nothing or nobody can break my stride (not even “me” or my mind).  

Here’s another great blog on combating obsessive thoughts.

“There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why?  I dream of things that never were, and ask why not.” 


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4 replies

  1. This is a great blog! This is what the world is made of. Negative thoughts! If all human beings were able to control theirs minds with positives thinking this world be a great one. No killings, no wars… Just a peaceful money making world. But…. Lol.. For a lot of people this is just not that easy. This is a very powerful process. Anyway.. Needed to read something like this today. More naysayers are coming into my life now that my husband is running for office in the County. Negative people all around me. With that said my mind is working 24/7 with positive thoughts! I can’t allow negative thinking squeeze into my brain or else.. Victory will not be achieved in our lives. 😉 Thank you! You just made my mind even stronger with this blog!!

    • Thank you for replying. It’s people like yourself who aren’t afraid to make your voice heard that help to free others who may not be as brave. Try not to fight the negative thoughts, but simply observe them and try to locate where they’re coming from and if they ‘re not in align with who you are becoming, reject them (laugh at them). Also, when you have a lot of negativity coming your way, it’s usually a sign that you and yours are making progress. Keep pressing on and breaking barriers. Thank you again for your comment.

  2. The power of thought is so strong…I lost a pair of shades about 6 weeks ago..and during a long drive, I kept thinking about those shades and wondering where I lost them…..I kept replaying in my head the day they went missing and how they should be in the car. Although I searched the car at least 3 times with a flash llight, I figured they were lost…

    Well as soon as I stopped driving and parked my car and opened the door to exit, the shades were on the floor of the car right by my feet..It was like magic! I spent about 15 – 20 minutes thinking about those shades and then they appeared…that got me to thinking that my thoughts can actually be manifested into reality. It sounds silly becasue its a pair of shades, but this has happened to me before.

    I’d think of a person and they’d call or show up…

    when i pray and i believe something will happen, it usually does….

    If i can just channel my thoughts and focus more, I believe that the manifiestation of my thoughts are limitless…finding the time to do this is usually my much interfernce on my radio…

    which leads me to think meditation is so much more important than I realized…it can help silence the noise,
    help me focus on the those positive thoughts and aid in the manifestation of those thoughts.

    Speaking of inception, this topic reminds of an old gang starr song “manifest” at the time, I didnt pay attention to the lyrics..but now it all makes sense….

    I think, therefore I am.

    • I agree with your comment. It sounds far out, but it’s true. I’ve read a couple of books that described people with multiple personality disorder. Studies have proven that when these individuals shift, changes occur on their bodies. For example, I read about one particular case when a man’s eye color literally changed (as he was being observed) precisely at the moment when he turned into his other personality. This story was what opened my mind to how powerful our minds really are. There are countless other cases that show scars and so on appearing and disappearing as people with this disorder shift back and forth from personality to personality.

      A better example that’s easier to believe is how our bodies react to kind gestures. Studies have shown that if we simply observe 2 people saying kind words to each other, it strengthens our immune system. Our brain releases endorphins into our bodies and it goes on to produce cell life that promotes health (it goes something like that).

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