Why Am I Not Being Appreciated?

Appreciation. Being appreciated at work and at home starts with appreciation (yup, and that wasn’t a typo).  Why are you not being appreciated as an employee?  Why  are you not being appreciated by your spouse or your friends (and family)?

In most cases, being appreciated (I’m tired of using the word “appreciation”) comes to you when you begin to be grateful for the job or business you have and when you begin to compliment your loved ones, friends, and associates on their strong points-their qualities.

Of course, there are some situations where your job or peers or your significant others will never appreciate you (no matter what you do). This is toxic.  This is crippling. And this gradual suicide.  Only you know deep deep deep down inside if this is your situation or not.   You will now need to make a wise assessment and then a decision (and commit to it).  We get but so much time to make choices then after a while life starts making choices for us. Then we’re screwed!  You can ask yourself questions like…am I trying every possible way to exercise my abilities as the great person that I am (in my given situation)? Or do I show gratitude and truly appreciate the people around me, the company where I work, the job and position that I have?

If you’ve answered “yes” to those 2 questions, then it might be time to plan your escape.

Yes, change is a good thing.  Change encourages growth.  That dark cloud hovering over your head might just disappear.  Change is the only constant anyway; it’s something we all encounter countless times during our lives.   Don’t be afraid to make that change and switch your environment.  Fertile soil is needed for all plants to grow.

Maybe you can try to not be so accessible to your mate or your job (and clients).  But, be careful not to go too far.  You don’t wanna get fired our divorced or both (or maybe you do-lol).  Who the heck knows what’s going on in your head and in your world.  But if you’re reading this blog, it’s because of an issue that you want solved.

Another option, take on more.  Put more on your plate.  Ask probing questions to help you get a clearer picture of what’s going on around you.  The person you’re asking will get the feeling that you really want add value.  This can also tip the scale in your favor to receive more appreciation in your life.

In the end, begin with appreciating yourself!  That’s the first step.  Start by telling yourself that you love yourself-daily!  This will be the beginning of an eye opening journey (that’s one of my sister’s names-Jurnee).  Until next time.


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