The Concept Of Time As It Relates To Success: A Valuable Commodity.

Attaining success, mastering a trade, and perfecting a skill (in most cases) can take at least 100,000 hours (a little over 10 years).  This is according to statistics gathered from patterns created from the cream of the crop; the best of the best.  I’m talking about the most talented athletes, entrepreneurs, thespians, and so on. The people that go on to break world records, receive awards, or get acknowledgment for their accomplishments and commitments. There are people who’ve attained success in a fraction of that time (of course), but they are the exceptions to the rule.

One of the most important principles that I will discuss today is “Productivity”.  It revolves around the importance of time management, but to the 3rd power (time management on steroids-hehehe).  The principle of productivity is practiced by all successful men, women, and children (yes, children are attaining success too).

The concept of productivity is applying yourself to the best of your ability with every single thread of your efforts while using your allotted time toward a particular task.  In other words, carrying out a deed wholeheartedly.  This can be cleaning your home the best that it can possibly be done with all your faculties (it begins with simple tasks like that).

All successful people are aware that “time” is probably the most pertinent aspect of life hence the phrase “time is money”.  TIme cannot be bought.  Time cannot be reversed.  It is said to be unforgiven because it doesn’t stop or slow down for anyone.  If we can fill the unforgiven minute with quality efforts, we will have the life of our desires.  TIme goes so by faster than we think.  The scary thing is that we don’t know how much time we have left.  It would behoove us you use as much as our precious moments toward our aspirations.  This can be seen as true consciousness. Some of us are able to cease the moment and accomplish so much in a day’s time because of the awareness we have of productivity, time, and soulful actions.


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