1 Way To Find Happiness

As I mature, the clarity of my perception is becoming extremely clear.  I see life through my mind’s eye.  Not because I think I’m a guru that’s full of never ending wisdom (lol) but because I tend to do a lot of introspection.

When I go through any form of setback. I have a habit of absorbing whatever it was that occurred.  I usually break down the situation to it’s most fundamental form.  I look at almost every angle and I calculate all of the potential possibilities.  I habitually ask myself questions like …why is this happening to me? What was the action that I took for this to take place?  What’s the purpose of this predicament?  Or the most effective question…what’s can I learn or how can I use this to my benefit?  To be honest, I wasn’t always able to think so rationally in the midst of tribulation, but over time I became better at it (I was a pessimist coupled with the “poor me” syndrome).  I realized that thinking in this style could only enhance my situation and make it better.   And more importantly, it kept me sane. At times, life will serve us a slew of trials that will leave us in a slump.   If we don’t combat it in an useful and effective way, we can be down for the count-for good.

The more disappointments I endured,  the stronger and wiser I became (oddly enough).  I grew as a human being should.   The fire purified me; the pain and discomfort refined me and removed a lot of common toxins we tend to go through life with.   When it was material  or monetary gain  (for example) that I wanted, in a certain time frame, and  I encounter a minor setback, I would uncover hidden gems.  I saw progress that I wouldn’t have gained if it weren’t for my challenges.  This built my character.  This made me potent, enabled my steadfastness, and granted me unwavering faith in the face of what we might determine as disaster.

This was pertinent data being gathered directly from the school of hard knocks.   This was  important information that I needed to retain in order to graduate and go on to the next level (what am I talking about?).

I learned that life was not (I repeat)…life was not about what I accomplished or the countless trophies (metaphorically speaking) that I amassed.  Not to say that I won’t pile up and collect the finer things in life (lmao).


Because I happen to enjoy life’s treasures and riches and so on and so forth.  But what I’m trying to convey to you (all my readers) in cyberspace is that life is all about what happens to us on the way to our goals.  The goal itself is absolutely meaningless!  Another way for me to put it is that life is about who we become on our journey (that’s one of my sister’s names, by the way–Jurnee).  To me that’s a beautiful thing and those are some sexy words.  Who are we becoming? What are our goals and aspirations turning us into? Who am I?  What have I gone through in my life?  Why did I experience such things in my life?  What did it take for me to get here at this point in my life?  It will all make sense to us in due time.  Just take a moment to think about.  If we focus more on who we’re becoming and less on what we’re acquiring, we’ll be more at peace with ourselves and in turn experience more joy and happiness.  We will be present-truly filling the unforgiving minute in life and experiencing the essence of life.


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