Failure Does Not Exist

I’m not sure why the word failure exists.  I wonder who created it.  The fact of the matter is that failure does not exist.  It’s an illusion.   It’s a figment of our imagination that was injected or forced into our minds by the person (or people) who came up with the word.   What is failure?  If you think about it, it’s simply attempting to do something and not accomplishing it.   To go a step further, it’s attempting to do something and not getting the outcome you desired  or the outcome someone else desired for you.

But what if so called “failure” was just a path you took that didn’t give you the results that you desired (this is exactly what it is-by the way).  Then this means you can take another route and produce the exact results that you want because you learned that one route didn’t work (you took it already) and you weren’t pleased with the outcome.

Ok, if you don’t want to take failure out of your vocabulary (lol), then know that failure is needed to succeed in life.  Failure is your ally.  Failure is needed.  If you are not failing then you are not trying.  Failure teaches us and strengthens us.  We learn what not to do and we learn what path not to take.  This brings us one step closer to our goal (whatever the hell your goal is).

“We can’t fail if we never give up.”  This is because we will try other ways of reaching our goals if we keep trying.  Persistence is key.  Failure is our friend.



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