Do I Have Bad Luck ?

In my opinion, there is no such thing as luck-good or bad.  It’s a cop-out and an illusion created by us to remove responsibility.   Why?  Let me explain.  We create our own luck in life–good and bad.  The decisions we make and the actions we take yield possibilities and consequences.  When we make wise decisions, which happen to compliment our goals and aspirations in life, we begin to create what’s perceived as “luck”-or perhaps “good luck”.

This is how it appears to people on the outside looking in at us because they’re not with us while we’re making the decisions that give birth to luck.  When we consciously or unconsciously make a series of bad actions, we then reap bad results.   I happen to be allergic to apples.  Yes, I know- sounds far out…who’s allergic to apples?  But, I am.  If I eat an apple, my throat swells, I have trouble breathing, and I will probably cough up blood.  The strange thing is that I can eat apple pie.  So, I came to the conclusion that I’m probably allergic to the pesticide that’s sprayed on the skins of the apples (this is beside the point).  The point I want to make is if I’m allergic to apples and I continue to eat apples then I will get sick.  In other words, If I take actions that will cause an allergic reaction then I am creating “bad luck”.  Makes sense?

If I put in countless hours of work to benefit my life or sharpen a skill, at some point opportunity is going to come knocking on my car window (because it always does come knocking- we just don’t recognize it or we didn’t prepare for it).  When we cease the moment,    we take advantage of opportunity and we are seen as being lucky or as having “good luck”.  Make better decisions and hang around people that make wise decisions and you will always have what they call good luck.  Your luck and their luck is one.  You bring your past with you when entering a situation or relationship.

What if life throws you a curve ball?  You might say.  What if life throws you a situation that has absolutely nothing to do with your past actions?  Great question!  …If that thought actually came to your mind.  And, I have a great answer.   It’s all about how you respond to that predicament that life sends your way.  The beautiful thing about life is that it sends us trials and tribulations that are dressed in costumes, hence the saying “blessing in disguise”.   There’s an art to unravelling the outward appearance of these situations to pull the jewels from beneath them which should be used to propel your life forward.  Hence the expression, “every cloud has a silver lining”.  You have to make lemonade out of lemons.  You have to think and rack your brain on what can be pulled from a devastating situation that comes your way.  If you can do this, you’re  set for life.  It takes practice, but it’s worth it.  “Every adversity or failure carries with it a seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.”  Lastly, If you respond the wrong way to a situation that comes your way, it will come back again and again until you respond correctly.   Let me hear your thoughts.  Make a comment.  You might just save someone’s life.


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