How Much Does A Million Dollars Weigh ?

Why do you wanna know?  You and I both know that you probably wouldn’t be carrying around a million bucks in cash.   I guess you’re just curious.



The only reason you would need all that cash is if you were bringing ransom money to a kidnapper for the return of a loved one (or something of that nature -God forbid).  

 I know what you’re thinking…drug dealers might need a million in hard cold cash as well as kidnappers-lol.  Successful street pharmacists are already aware of how much a million dollars weigh so they won’t be coming to my blog…lol.

If you want to use dollar bills, a million dollars will weigh roughly 2,200 pounds.






2,200 pounds is equivalent to a ton.  Now if you want to move around a little quicker or go jogging with your million bucks, you can have all your cash in 100 dollar bills.  This will only weigh about 22 pounds.  Big difference!



Leave your millions in the bank-that’s what I do-lol.  If you have a million dollars, where would you keep it?  Leave comments-people wanna know these things….


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